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Aseel Alturki

Aseel is undertaking her first-year of PhD in the Urban Science CDT programme. She graduated with honours from King Saud University with an Information Technology bachelor degree and later she had her Masters in Information Systems in 2011. Since then, she was working as a teaching assistant in the College of Computer and Information Science in her native Saudi Arabia until she came to start her PhD in Warwick this year with a scholarship from the Saudi government.

She is interested in understanding peoples’ perception of the world and how they behave and form their habits. This understanding will lead to new ways of improving and helping them become better citizens in order to contribute positively to modern society. Also by understanding citizens’ behaviour, a better prediction can be made about their habitual use of applications and services provided publicly. This is where the multidisciplinary approach that WISC adopted intrigues her as she can combine her computational background knowledge with this desire to contribute to the development of urban society.

One of her important goals in life is to contribute positively to her country's development. Recently, the deputy crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud, has announced Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. Therefore, the following years will form a highly important era of the country’s development and she would like to be part of this by conducting her research on the Saudi society.

Poster detailing Aseel's research.