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Nataliya Tkachenko

Nataliya Tkachenko

Nataliya has BSc in Biological Sciences and an MA in Western European Humanities from the Ukraine, and then gained an MEng in Spatial Information Systems from Telecom ParisTech. Prior to joining the University of Warwick as Information Officer and Academic Technologist, she worked as a research assistant and GIS Analyst at several UK Universities. 

Nataliya is researching into flooding in cities. In collaboration with the British Geological Survey, her research looks into how emerging digital data sources, predominantly crowd-generated, can be used to extract people's values and opinions about states of the urban environment in which they live: for example, how extreme and unpredictable events, like floods, can affect their health, safety and well-being ('social function') or daily commuting and accessibility ('economic function').

The main novelty of this research lies in method development and application. In particular the research aims to: 1. Explore the potential of Web and social media data as additional sources of information to understand flood risks in urban settings; 2. Develop new methods and techniques to integrate multi-modal social data sources with existing physical environmental models; 3. Contribute to ongoing theoretical developments concerning the resilience of cities.

This project involves direct collaboration with BGS. The Environment Agency, MetOffice and Public Health England are also contributing to the outcomes of this research and have contributed datasets and discussion on interim results.

Alignment with EPSRC research themes: Built environment; Coastal and waterways engineering; Complexity science; Ground engineering; ICT networks and distributed systems; Natural language processing; Sensors and instrumentation; Structural engineering; Sustainable land management; Water engineering.

For more information on Nataliya's research, please see her online Portfolio.

Poster describing Nataliya's research.