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Caroline Player

Caroline Player

Graduating in 2014, Caroline obtained a BSc degree in Computer Science from the University of Warwick. She completed her EPSRC CDT Urban Science training year in 2015 specialising in Data Analytics, graduating with a Distinction. Caroline's PhD research uses agent-based decision making and modelling to capture and experiment with complex and dynamic markets (such as the energy market). The aim of this research is to identify new techniques in understanding and identifying stereotypes that can be applied to profiles of energy market users. To understand the role of influence in (i) changing the way people interact with energy usage data and as a result (ii) modify their energy demand. Finally, (iii) to scope the challenges in applying such techniques on a city-scale, and to study the variations between cities. 

Alignment with EPSRC research themes: Artificial intelligence technologies; Complexity science; Energy efficiency; Energy networks; ICT networks and distributed systems.

For more information on Caroline's research, please see her online Portfolio.

Poster describing Caroline's research.