Research integrity lunchtime meetings

Posted on January 11, 2017


A series of lunchtime meetings have been organised, the purpose of which is to promote researcher integrity and actively encourage an environment of good research practice in WMS. The first of these meetings will be on 1st November 11.30 – 12.30 in room A041. The meetings will be held termly and facilitated by Heather Draper and Anne-Marie Slowther. **Lunch will be provided** to anyone who confirms their attendance to by 18th October.

Meetings will be run as discussions of several very short vignettes capturing unexpected challenges to best practice. For example:


You are collecting data (audio recorded interview) in the home of a patient. The patient’s husband in retired and at home at the time. He asked if he can stay in the living room while you do this. It’s hard to say no given that it’s his home too and his wife immediately says yes anyway. After only a short time he starts to interject his own views and very quickly his wife starts to defer to him. What should you do?


Everyone from postgraduate researchers to senior PIs is welcome to attend. The presence of senior researchers will ensure that all the best solutions to the challenges are captured and that more junior colleagues can learn from their experience. The discussions will be written up positively as examples of good practice, and posted on a website as a School resource. Whether or not you are able to attend the first meeting, please send your own vignettes to Heather and Anne-Marie for use in this and subsequent meetings.


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