Additional Seminar by FiveAI

Posted on February 22, 2018

We have an additional Science of Cities Seminar this week.

FiveAI are a Cambridge-based research company working on bringing autonomous vehicles to the roads of the UK and across Europe. The CEO, Stan Boland, is visiting Warwick this Friday at 11 to talk about FiveAI's plans to change the way we think about transport in our cities. 
Hope to see many of you there! 
Full Details
Date: Friday, 23rd Feb
Time: 11 am
Location: Department of Computer Science, room 1.01
Title: Autonomous transportation is complex European cities
"At FiveAI we are developing an autonomous solution to urban transport that is trained on and safe in complex European cities.  We will deploy our technology as a service that will revolutionise the way people travel, starting in London.  Our talk is a high level view of our many areas of research, from low-level sensors through neural networks and computer vision, to prediction, driving, trajectory generation and control.  We’ll discuss some of the biggest research challenges and explain how it is that we can start to solve them and build a globally significant business as we do so."

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